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Work With Us.

At DCG, we appreciate and embrace the idea that your career journey may not always be linear.
That’s why we’ll never try to fit you into a ridged business model or make it difficult for you to work for a client you love. Rather, we seek to understand how we can partner with you to improve your quality of life and the lives of those we serve.

Working as a consultant can have many benefits:

  • Experiencing different sized companies (startups, middle-market, small-cap, mid-cap, Fortune 1000)

  • Working in new industries by utilizing your functionally transferrable skills

  • Seeing different ownership structures (not for profits, government, think tanks, public, private, family owned, private equity backed, venture capital backed, hedge fund backed)

  • Focusing on your work/deliverables/project versus the politics/salary negotiations/promotion

  • Expanding your professional network with a new set of customers and stakeholders on each project

  • Being exposed to and working with new systems/tools

  • Accelerating your career by working with approximately 3 to 4 new clients a year while learning new skills and expanding your breadth of industry experience

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